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Benefits of Installing a New Bathroom

You may not realise it, but you spend a good proportion of your life in the bathroom! It perhaps explains why many people looking to buy a home consider the bathroom one of the most important buying factors. Like most of us, they crave a well-designed, stylish space that will be pleasant to use. 

There are so many advantages to having a new bathroom installed in your home, here are the ones we hear most from our customers:

Improved layout and function

The bathroom you inherit when you buy your home probably isn’t the one you’d choose. It may be that when your home was built, bathroom design was more limited and you’ve been left with a room that really doesn’t work as well as it could do. With a new bathroom you can change the layout to one that suits your use better, as well as making additions such as a separate shower unit, heated towel rail or freestanding tub. The choice is yours!

Extra storage

It’s said you can never have too much storage, and if your bathroom doesn’t offer you what you need, the perfect time to change this is when you remodel. You can add a sink unit that offers storage and also change the layout so the look is less cluttered and provides space for a storage unit or extra shelving, for example.

Increases the value of your home

Nobody knows what the future will bring, and if you decide to move home in the future a great bathroom is a prime selling point. As we’ve mentioned, it’s one of the first things people look for, being quickly won over by a stylishly designed, well-functioning bathroom over many other factors.

Reflects your style

Your new bathroom can be completely bespoke to you: what you want, the way you want it. From tile choice to wall colour, you can make your bathroom a reflection of you and somewhere you really enjoy spending time as you unwind in the bath or get ready for the day ahead.

Works more efficiently

Wave goodbye to that dripping tap and old useless shower. Say hello to sleek and efficient faucets and a dream power shower! Installing a new bathroom is your chance to get rid of the things that don’t work so well and install new appliances that make every day easier and more enjoyable. 

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