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Common Boiler Problems During the Winter

In winter, we use our boilers every day we’re at home. Our boilers provide us with hot water for showers and baths, as well as heating our rooms and making our home a comfortable and toasty place to be. However, boilers are really put to the test during winter and often things can go wrong due to the impact the weather has on our central heating systems.

Below we outline some common winter boiler problems, together with guidance on how best to tackle them. 

Pipes freezing

Frozen pipes prevent the hot water from travelling around your system so your radiators don’t heat and neither does the water coming out of your taps. They are a common menace during winter when the temperature outside drops to near zero. 

The condensation pipe, which runs from the back of your boiler, is one of the most common pipes to freeze when it’s cold, though it is usually easy to thaw it out yourself. To do this, pour warm water (not boiling as this will damage the pipe) over the length of the pipe until you hear a trickling of water or see water dripping from it. This indicates it has defrosted and your heating should be back up and running again.  

Leaving your heating on low when you’re out - at around 13 degrees - will also help stop your pipes from freezing, and is advised during very cold weather. 

Thermostat breaking 

Your thermostat is the glue that holds your central heating system together. Without it, there’s nothing to tell the radiators your boiler is on and it wants to send heat to them. Over time, parts of the thermostat can wear out and if it stops working you won’t get any heat. 

While this needs to be investigated by a heating engineer, it’s usually easy to resolve with a new part or unit. 

Boiler switching off

If your pilot light switches off, your radiators or hot water won’t be able to operate. It’s impossible to say why your boiler has switched off without inspecting it, but sometimes it happens as a safety precaution, for example, if there is a build-up of gas. It’s therefore advisable to speak with your Gas Safe registered engineer if this happens, who can identify and fix the issue safely. 

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