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Considerations to Make Before Installing a New Bathroom

Having a new bathroom installed is undoubtedly a big undertaking. It’s a chance to create your dream space, and something you need to plan carefully. Whether you’re installing an additional bathroom or an ensuite in your home, or renovating your current space, you naturally want to ensure the finished result is exactly as you want it. 

Follow our guide below to turn your bathroom dream into a reality.

Think about how you will use your new bathroom

Are you remodelling your family bathroom? Or are you installing an additional small bathroom or ensuite for guests? These uses are both wholly different, so there’s little point in going all out for a small room that won’t be used daily, and it would be foolish to not think about storage needs and a bathtub if the space is to serve your family every day. 

Next, think about what you would like from your bathroom. Not what you currently have, but what you would use your bathroom for if you could. For example, have you always dreamt of a power shower or a spa bath? If this is something you will really make use of, and it’s budgeted for, now is your chance! Make a list of priorities for your bathroom, and decide what is most important to you so you’ll get the most from your new space.

What design suits your personality and needs?

There’s a wealth of options when it comes to bathroom design, and pinning this down early on will help you in every other area where you need to make choices on things like colour and layout. Do you favour a classic, timeless design? Or perhaps a period look? Or would you like your bathroom to be ultra sleek and contemporary? And does your preferred style fit with what you need - for example is it worth forking out on a freestanding tub if you mostly use your bathroom for the shower? Think about both looks and practicalities, with the aim of finding a style that will satisfy both what you want and what you need.

Consider colour

Most people opt for a neutral bathroom suite, as while accessories and even tiles can be changed, the suite is harder to if your style changes or you decide to sell. You’ll still have oodles of choice when it comes to colour, though. From wall colours and towels to tiles and flooring, browse online or in showrooms to find the colours that will suit the room and reflect your style best.

Look at layout

If you’re installing a new, small bathroom to use as a spare or ensuite then you may not have much say in layout due to size restrictions. But also, if your current layout works for you there is no need to change it, as this adds time and expense to your project. If you’ve always hated the configuration of your bathroom, however, this is your best chance to change the position of fixed items to achieve a better flow to the room.

Light things up

You’ll have your pick of lighting options with your new bathroom, from ceiling to floor lights that can completely alter the mood of the room. It’s also worth considering installing different options, so you can have low and soft lighting in the night and brighter lights for when you need them - such as when using the mirror or in the shower. 

In Birmingham? We can help you achieve your dream bathroom

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