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FAQ's on General Plumbing

Let’s face facts; we’ve all endured some plumbing emergencies in our time, some of which have been easily resolved and others that required expert assistance.


There’s no doubt that the term ‘general plumbing’ is a broad church that includes a number of different issues, and sometimes it can be hard to know when to call out and accredited plumber. So, we’ve taken the time to answer some of the most frequently asked plumbing questions on your behalf!


What are the Most Common Plumbing Issues?


No matter the age or style of your home, a host of plumbing issues can arise at any given time. 


The universal problems include relatively simple issues such as a clogged toilet and leaky faucet, along with more complex problems like leaking water pipes, enduringly low water pressure and a sewer system backup.


Other common issues include running toilets and a slow-draining sink, which may be indicative of underlying concerns that require urgent attention.


My Drain is Blocked - Should I Call Out a Plumber?


The short answer here is yes; as drains are an essential feature of your property and need to be treated with tremendous care and precision.


With this in mind, using DIY methods of drain cleaning without understanding the exact cause of the issue is likely to make the problem worse and increase the cost of any future professional repairs.


Some liquid drain cleaners can also cause unseen damage to your pipework and plumbing system, so it’s far better to call out an accredited engineer and have them diagnose the issue in hand.


Should I Always Call Out a Plumber to Deal with Such Issues?


Whilst we’d always recommend calling out an accredited plumbing engineer to tackle the issues in your home, there may be some instances in which you can conduct your own investigations.


If your boiler is showing a higher than usual pressure level and some of your radiators have cold patches, for example, this issue can often be resolved by bleeding your radiators.


This removes any trapped air in the heating system, lowering the bar pressure and boosting the performance of the boiler over time.


Can I Take Steps to Avoid the Need for Plumbing Repairs?


Not only are there some select circumstances in which you can consider carrying out DIY plumbing repairs, but you can also take proactive steps to prevent issues from arising in the first place.


Whilst pipes are likely to develop blockages, freeze and ultimately burst during the winter, for example, you can minimise this risk by investing in £5 lagging to help insulate your pipework.


Sure, you may need to call out an engineer to help carry out this work, but this represents an investment that can reduce maintenance costs over time.


Why Choose Complheat to Carry Out Your Plumbing Repairs?


If you’re based in the West Midlands and are in need of comprehensive plumbing repairs, you can call on Complheat to undertake these on your behalf. After all, our engineers are fully qualified and Gas Safe-registered, whilst we also have over 20 years’ experience operating as a family run business that prides ourselves on the quality of service that we provide. So, why not give our team a call today on 0121 475 8586, or shoot us an email to and request your free quote in writing.