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Signs Your Boiler is Due a Repair

Whilst you may not enjoy paying for your boiler to be maintained or serviced, there are good reasons why you invest in skilled and qualified engineers to undertake these tasks. Not only are these individuals fully qualified to inspect and repair your boiler, for example, but they can also recognise signs of wear-and-tear and take the necessary steps to repair these. Even as a layman, however, there are subtle signs that your boiler may in need of a repair. Here are three of the most commonplace: 

1. Is your Boiler Still Generating Hot Water? 

The provision of hot water is a central feature for any boiler, whilst this is also a relatively easy function to check as a layman. More specifically, if you’ve noticed that your taps and shower heads are producing cold or tepid water even after the boiler has been left running for a while, there’s clearly a glitch in your system that may need to be repaired. The scope of the repair could vary wildly, as may be able to correct the fault by bleeding your radiators. However, you may also have a broken airlock or a failure with the motorised valve, and this requires attention from a skilled engineer. 

2. Is your Boiler Making Unusual Noises? 

Boiler often make noises when in operation, and we tend to disregard these as little more than house noises. However, these sounds could be indicative of an underlying fault, particularly if they take the form of gurgling, kettling and banging noises. In these instances, your boiler may be on the verge of a breakdown, so seeking out an expert tradesperson will stand you in good stead. You could also request a powerflush service from your local engineer, as this will remove debris from your heating system and improve its efficiency no end. 

3. Are your Radiators Cold? 

We spoke earlier about the production of cold water and how bleeding your radiators may help to resolve this issue. A similar course of action may also be required if you notice cold patches on one or more radiators in your home, as this could suggest that there’s trapped air in your heating system that needs to be released. However, if you’ve previously bled your radiators and the issue remains, you may need to invest in a skilled and accredited engineer to visit your property and complete a repair. 

Choosing the Right Firm to Repair your Boiler 

Regardless of the fault that your boiler is displaying, it’s important that you identify a reputable and Gas Safe registered engineer to diagnose the issue and undertake a repair. We certainly tick this box at Complheat, particularly if you reside in Birmingham, Bromsgrove or the surrounding areas in the Midlands. We also boast many years of experience in the industry, and are fully capable of carrying out repairs of all shapes and sizes on your boiler unit! So, if you’re in need of a boiler repair why not pick up your phone and get in touch with our team today on ? If not, you can reach out to us through our contact form here, and we’ll respond to you just as soon as we can!