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Tips for Installing a New Bathroom

OK, so you’ve finally decided to install a new bathroom. This is something that can deliver numerous benefits to your home, from creating a more lavish living space to adding considerable value to the property as a whole. 

When it comes to installing your new bathroom, however, you’ll need to work with accredited experts to ensure that the final fit and finish matches the quality of the suite. 

You’ll also need to plan your design in comprehensive detail, in order to ensure that your new bathroom can be installed on-time and on-budget. Here are some other tips to consider when installing a new bathroom suite: 

1. Consider the Space that you Have Available 

Space is one of the most important considerations when planning your new bathroom installation, particularly as this is likely to be one of the smallest rooms in your house. 

This is particularly true in new-build homes, which are typically compact in their nature and defined by a fundamental lack of space. 

You’ll therefore need to consider the space available when installing a new bathroom, in order to determine a layout that helps you to make the most of this. This can also help to make decisions about which fixtures to install, especially as some bathrooms aren’t big enough for a bath and shower. 

2. Consider your Budget 

When tailoring your design, you’ll also need to keep your budget in mind at all times. After all, the chances are that you’ll only have a finite amount of cash to spend on the project, and in this instance going over budget means that the project won’t be completed. 

The key is to set a detailed and conservative budget at the start of the project, whilst creating a financial contingency that provides a safety net without encouraging you to spend outside of your means. 

Your chosen service provider should help with this, as they can lend their expertise to help you make informed and cost-saving decisions. 

3. Consider the Importance of Storage 

We touched earlier on the subject of space, and it’s also important that you consider the importance of storage when planning out your new bathroom installation. 

After all, you can design the most luxurious and eye-catching bathroom imaginable, but if you fail to build-in the necessary storage then the space will quickly become impractical and unfit for purpose. 

If you’re working in compact spaces, consider creative options such as door and vanity unit storage, whilst also optimising the wall space available with stylish shelving options. 

How to Manage your Bathroom Installation 

Regardless of the scope or scale of your project, you’ll need an accredited plumbing and heating expert to help bring your bathroom designs to like. If you live in Birmingham or surrounding West Midlands regions such as Bromsgrove, Solihull and Dudley, Complheat could well be the service provider for you. After all, we provide full bathroom and high-quality plumbing installations, whilst we’re Gas Safe registered too so you can rely on us to work safely in your home. You can also contact us via our contact form. To learn more, why not drop us an email at at your first opportunity? Or, you can call us on 0121 475 8586 and one of our talented team will take your call.