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What is a Worcester Accredited Installer?

When you're looking around for a gas engineer to install a new boiler, you tend to come across terms such as "Approved Installer", "Accredited Installer", "Advanced Installer", but what do they all mean?

We've covered off the basics below and explained the benefits of hiring a Worcester Accredited Installer. 

What is an accredited installer?

Like we alluded to, it can be confusing when you're looking for a gas engineer and you see terms such as accredited installer, but we promise it's not all that confusing to understand...

All of the major boiler manufacturers like Baxi, Worcester-Bosch, Vaillant etc. offer advanced training schemes to gas engineers. When a gas engineer attends the course, and hits other requirements, whether it be customer satisfaction, experience, the number of boilers fitted, they can become a part of the manufacturers Boiler scheme. 

When a gas engineers joins a manufacturer boilers scheme, they're able to offer additional benefits that non-accredited gas engineers cannot. 

Benefits of hiring a Worcester Accredited Installer

Here at Complheat Bham Ltd, we're proud to say that we're Worcester Accredited, which allows us to offer the following benefits to our customers in Birmingham. 

10 Year Guarantee on Worcester-bosch boilers

We're able to offer extended guarantees of up to 10 years on select Worcester-Bosch boilers, keeping you covered for parts and labour for years to come. When you hire us, you needn't worry about replacing your boiler for the next decade, such is the promise of Worcester-Bosch!

We are Gas Safe

To be a Worcester-bosch accredited installer, you have to be Gas Safe. You need to be Gas Safe anyway to fit gas boilers, but the fact we're endorsed by Worcester-bosch gives you extra peace of mind.

Fantastic customer service with a Worcester-bosch installer

Worcester-bosch have a well known reputation for delivering exceptional customer service, which is why we, as installers of Worcester-bosch boilers, go out of our way to please every single customer that we serve. 

Fully trained with Worcester-bosch boilers

As mentioned earlier, before you can become a Worcester-bosch accredited installer, you have to undergo intensive training courses. Not only does this help us fit and repair Worcester-bosch boilers, we can use this knowledge for other boiler manufacturer's boilers!

Are you looking for a Worcester-bosch accredited installer in Birmingham?

If you're looking for a Worcester-bosch installer to fit a new Worcester-bosch boiler in your home in Birmingham, please give our gas engineers a call on 0121 475 8586. 

You can also send us a message using our contact form

In addition to Birmingham, we also cover Bromsgrove, Solihull, Redditch, Dudley and all surrounding areas.