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Why Are Landlord Gas Safety Certificates Important?

Not only is being a landlord less financially rewarding than it once was as a result of tax changes, but it’s also exceptionally difficult to comply with the laws associated with renting out property.


For example, did you know that it was illegal to rent out a property without a gas safety certificate? Make no mistake; this is an important piece of documentation, and one that helps to protect tenants and affords both parties genuine peace of mind.


But what exactly is a gas safety certificate, and what’s involved as part of an annual inspection? Let’s find out!

What is a Gas Safety Certificate?


In simple terms, a landlord’s gas safety certificate is a legal requirement and a critical piece of documentation which verifies that your gas appliances have been checked by an accredited engineer within the last 12 months.


This inspection must be carried out every year, with the certificate providing peace of mind for tenants and creating a legal safeguard in the event of a fire or similar disaster.


It’s also imperative that the inspection is carried out by Gas Safe-registered engineer, and you can check this by referring to the relevant register. 

What’s in an Inspection?


It’s interesting to note that landlords are only responsible for their appliances and the flues and fittings included in the property. 


So, if you have a tenant who has brought your own appliances with them to the property, they’ll be legally responsible for ensuring that they’re safe and functional.


However, it’s better to be safe than sorry as a landlord, so you should consider including these as part of a comprehensive Gas Safety inspection. This will also include:


  • Checking appliances for performance and safety regulations
  • Ensuring that there’s sufficient provision for ventilation
  • Review burner and gas pressures against the manufacturer’s data plates
  • Check the flue flow and ensure the removal of combustible products
  • Monitor standing, working gas pressures and safety devices

Working With Complheat to Complete Your Gas Safety Certificate


There are clear advantages to having a Gas Safety check completed annually, from safeguarding your real estate investment to protecting your tenants and providing them with genuine peace of mind.


The key is to work with a qualified and accredited Gas Safe-registered engineer like Complheat, as we offer a comprehensive Gas Safety Certificate service to landlords throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.


So, why not contact us today on 0121 475 8586 to discuss your requirements? Or, feel free to invoice us at and we’ll respond as quickly as we can.