Gas & Electric Fire Install

Gas & Electric Fire Install in Birmingham

Here at Complheat Bham Ltd, we offer a range of both gas and electric fires for your home. Why consider a gas or electric fire? Well, a brand new gas or electric fire can improve the appearance and atmosphere of your home. You can visit our showroom at our location; Complheat, 1093 Bristol road south, Northfield, Birmingham, West midlands, B31 2QW. Finally, if you'd like to get in touch with us, please do so using our phone number on, 0121 475 8586.

Gas Fire Installation 

we offer a variety of styles from traditional to modern gas fires for you to choose from. In addition to this, gas fires are a great way to heat your home and if you're looking for a traditional or modern gas fire, we can help. Our professionals can offer advise on the best gas fire that suits your home and from there we will assist with removing your old fire, if necessary and fitting your brand new gas fire. 

Electric Fire Installation 

Create the same warmth and atmosphere as a real fire, but without the additional maintenance of a real fire - That's exactly how an electric fire can help your home in Birmingham. Here at Complheat Bham Ltd, we have a range of electric fires available for you and your home. So whether you're looking for a traditional looking electric fire or a modern looking electric fire, we can help.

If you're wondering how we can help with a electric fire, well come on in to our showroom and let us help you choose the perfect electric fire for your home. Then we can also assist with the installation of your new electric fire, offering a straightforward and reliable service. 

Need a Gas or Electric Fire in Birmingham? 

Still not sure whether you should have a gas fire or electric fire installed in your home? Come on down to our showroom and let us offer you advise on our fires. You can reach us via our phone number on, 0121 475 8586 or by email at, and finally using the contact form on our website. If you'd like to see work we have done for customers, visit the gallery page. For reviews, see our reviews page on the website. 

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